Rose Gardner, Works of Wyoming Artist

Meet our New 2024 Artists! Rose Gardner -Visual Artist -3 D Mixed Media


Rose Gardner

Bio - Born and raised in Laramie, Rose is a working visual artist and graphic designer with a completely irrelevant but delightful masters in economics and BAs international studies and religious studies.

She spent her adult life spread across Wyoming, South Korea, North Dakota, Oklahoma, working in various fields from marketing to accounting in between school before returning to Laramie.

Rose must have accidentally offended a petty minor deity as her life was turned upside down when she started experiencing extreme chronic pain and nearly lost her life in a totally bizarre chaotic unicorn medical event. This event permanently impacted her life and her artwork, changing her perspectives and outlooks making her want to live each day in the here and now.

Statement - I am a visual artist specializing in a mixture of spiral inkwork, acrylic flow painting, 3D mixed medium pieces, and whimsical digital artwork.

My pieces tend to focus on nature, Judaica, anxiety relief, and pain through the lens of contemporary and modern visuals. I seek to be a conduit through my work for mindful expression and a joyful, colorful aesthetic yet also seeking to induce the feeling of "koev li halev" which roughly means empathy for suffering.

My pieces are almost all entirely free flow made with maybe a planned focal point or inspiration with little strategic planning and come together in the chaotic messy process. I find this to be reflective of life in all its lack of control.

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