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Meet our New 2024 Artists! Rick Walters - Rick Walters Productions - Photographer

Bio -Rick Walters was born and raised in western Nebraska. He attended the Universities of Nebraska and Wyoming obtaining his BA in Photojournalism.
His career includes working at newspapers, tv stations, independent film production and the University of Wyoming as photographer, cinematographer, entrepreneur, producer/director and photographic technician. His work has been published in magazines including Wyoming Wildlife (4x) and on Wyoming Public Television, and large prints adorn walls in the Laramie Hilton Garden Inn and the University of Wyoming College of Business.
Now retired, he continues to capture images of mostly southeast Wyoming wildscapes. His photographs ranging from notecards to large panoramas are offered for sale. He creates the prints using an Epson printer with pigment inks on quality paper expected to endure for at least 50 years.
Scroll down to Rick's photography that is available for purchase at Works of Wyoming Gift n Gallery.
Statement -To me, the natural world is wonderful. It’s lifeforms and environs awe and inspire me. Nature shows me the complexity, diversity, and interconnectedness of reality.
I visit the wildlands as often as possible. Photography lets me capture images of the wonders I encounter. Early morning and evening hours often provide striking light. Knowledge of critter behavior along with patience allows intimacy.
I create photographic prints of my peak moments to share with others. My prints range from 5x7" notecards to large prints for wall décor (up to13x37"). The closer one views the prints the more detail is revealed.
Most people have experienced and appreciate nature and therefore my photographs. For others these images can be educational and influence their world view. As mankind’s ’development’ of natural landscapes accelerates, I hope my wildscape photography products encourage respect and reverence for the natural world from which we come and which continues to nurture ourselves and our fellow beings.


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