Meet our New 2024 Artists!  Danica Lamb - Tiny Bones  Jewelry and Floral Displays

Meet our New 2024 Artists! Danica Lamb - Tiny Bones Jewelry and Floral Displays

Danica Lamb

Bio - Danica Lamb is a Cheyenne resident that enjoys being outdoors, specifically hiking and backpacking. She grew up in a military family and had several different residences during her childhood, however, it was a move to Alaska in 2015 that really impacted her deep love of nature, exploring the outdoors and foraging. While her degree is in Human Resources and Management, Danica has always had a creative streak and dabbled in many forms of creating over the years.
Most recently in early February of 2023, Danica starting her own small business, Tiny Bones & Things, and can be found selling her creations around the general Cheyenne area at pop-up and vendor markets.

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Statement - Working with animal bones and repurposing their parts gives them a renewal of life in their death. I source the bones of already deceased animals and utilize them in several ways, often with a feminine twist and a side of macabre.
I create a variety of items such as jewelry, home décor, bookmarks, and bone domes (glass terrariums) with the purpose of connecting to nature. These animals had a life before they came to me, and I wish to honor that life in a beautiful way by helping change the perception of death being a taboo or dark subject. In addition to bones, I utilize other elements of nature like dried flowers, bark, moss and mushrooms to create a cohesive glass home for the animal to tell its story and live beyond death in preservation.
Part of my process in working with bones is also caring for them prior to what their final product turns out to be. In this three-step process, I am cleaning, degreasing, and whitening the bones for final use which can be a time sensitive and lengthy project. Every part is handled with care and respect while I work with the animal to create a unique, usually one-of-a-kind creation.
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