May 2022 Artist of the Month - Jerry Glass, Oil Painter

May 2022 Artist of the Month - Jerry Glass, Oil Painter

The Artist of the Month for May  is Jerry Glass.

Jerry Glass, Artist

Jerry's direction of his art was changed dramatically in 1997 when he saw "Edward Hopper's Night Hawks"  at the Chicago Art Institute. He began a series of paintings of abandoned vehicles, scenes of buildings in downtown Laramie, and a series depicting various aspects of the railroad. 

Untitled 2016

Jerry mainly does oil paintings. One of his paintings is called, "Wyoming '', this is a painting of a small mountain. On this mountain there are big rocks on the top and smaller rocks fading out. Besides rocks there is dried grass and plants. This painting has a clear blue sky with faint clouds,  giving the mountain more of a shadow and a shine.

The next painting is called, "A Bend in the River", this is a painting of an orangish red mountain with dry grass and plants. There is a river that starts on the left of the painting that stretches to the middle of the painting and it looks like the river goes for a while next to the mountain. The water is a light grayish brown color. The sky looks a little cloudy like it’s about to rain. 

Another painting is called, " '39 Chevy", this is a painting of an old rusty '39 Chevy on a dry grassland with dry plants and mountains in the far background. It doesn't look like it has any windows. The bottom part of the hood looks like it has a white coat but it's kinda rusty. The wheel cover part of the car looks like it was a light brown or like a black color to it but the rust changed the color a lot. The rest of the car looks like it was a green color but now that the rust is on it, it looks like an orangish brown green.


Another painting is called, "The Bulk Plant", this is a painting of an oil Bulk Refinery Plant. Where the oil is stored.. The building has a blue color to it but it's very old. The roof of the building is a brown color but it looks like it has water damage. The grass is very dry and so are the plants. It looks like there is a small hill in the background. The sky is a very nice blue color and there are clouds but you can still see the sky and see how blue it is.


Jerry's newer paintings aren't on cards yet but he does have some cards with some of his paintings. See his work here.

Each month an artist will be chosen to be the Artist of the Month at Works of Wyoming, which hosts an Artist Reception, the last Friday of each month.

The Artist reception is open to the public and the address is 300 S 2nd St, Laramie WY 82070 on May 27, on a Friday, from 4 to 6pm . There will most likely be pictures on Facebook, our Facebook is, "Works of Wyoming (WOW)".

WoW will be open 10am-6pm and the gathering will be open from 4pm-6pm. At the gathering you can meet the Artist of the Month, ask questions about the art piece and how they made it, meet new people, eat some snacks, and have a great time. 


Submitted by: Ivy D.

WoW Art Intern

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