August 2022 Artist of the Month - Lee Lane

August 2022 Artist of the Month - Lee Lane


The Artist of the Month for August is Lee Lane.

Lee Lane is a Wyoming contemporary realist painter, primarily of landscape. He began showing his artistic abilities developed by attending the University of Wyoming, on the G.I. Bill, pursuing a course of study in drawing, oil painting, and sketching. He was awarded a BFA in 1981 and MFA in 1983. Lee is currently pursuing his career in art after retiring from Active Duty military service in 2006.

One of Lee Lane’s oil paintings is called, “Sunset Over Lake Owen”. This is a painting of an orange, yellow, and blue sunset over a lake and mountains. The reflection of the sunset on the lake is calm but there are some ripples in it. 

Another oil painting by Lee is called, “Canoes”. This is a painting of a couple of boats on a lake. There is a very detailed reflection of the boats and some plants. This painting looks a lot like a photo. In the front of the painting are four boats. The boats resemble canoes. The boats are white. The first boat has a red side with a number on it in black. The number is, “15”. In the distance there are six more boats in the background and the first boat in front of the six boats is another red side but a different number in black. The number is, “17”. It looks like there are plants on a mountain in the reflection in the water but there aren’t any in the painting but it’s a little hard to tell because of the ripples in the water. 

Another oil painting by Lee is called, “Mug on the Rocks”. This is a painting of a clear glass jar mug a little over halfway full of water. The Jar is sitting on all kinds of sizes and different color shades of rocks. There is sunlight hitting the jar through the water and it looks like it’s making light ripples on the rocks because of the light hitting the water through a clear jar mug. 

One of Lee’s Pen and Ink art pieces is called, “VEDAUWOO”. This is a drawing of some rocky mountains with some small trees and plants in front. There is some great shading in the mountains and plants. Since it is made out of Pen and Ink it is black and white. 

Each month an artist will be chosen to be the Artist of the Month at Wow Works  of Wyoming, which hosts an Artist Reception, the last Friday of each Month. 

The Artist reception is open to the public and the address is 300 S 2nd St, Laramie Wyoming  on August 26, on a Friday from 4-6pm. There will most likely be pictures on Facebook, our Facebook is, “Works of Wyoming (WOW)”.

WoW will be open 10am-6pm. At the Gathering you can meet the Artist of the Month, ask questions about the art pieces and how they made it, meet new people, eat some snacks, and have a great time.

This will be the last Artist of the Month, until April 2023


Submitted by Ivy D

High School Art Intern

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