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" The Dinosaur Cowboy " Children's Book

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" The Dinosaur Cowboy " Children's Book

Book #15 in the Rusty's Reading Remuda series

Author : Mary Fichtner with Illustrations by Roz Fichtner

Children's book

9" Wide x 9" Tall

Hardcover book

A young Cowboy longs to be brave so he looks to an older Warrior who shares his wisdom on how to live his best, bravest life. A tale based on the real words written down by a Special Forces Soldier, husband, father, grandpa, leader, and mentor. Each page highlights one of the rules to live by. A powerful story and the best way to write wisdom on young readers' hearts

Wisdom shared is a powerful tool for those who use it. It comes from a lifetime of experiences, doing hard things, choosing courage, and never giving up. When those words are written down we can write them on young warriors' hearts

Great for the Cowgirl and Cowboy in all of us

Signed by the author

Please note, this book is written and illustrated by the Artists