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The Spirit Of Legend Rock Greeting Card

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The Spirit Of Legend Rock Card

Photographer: Rowena " Nena " Trapp

Blank card with envelope

5" long x 7" high

Standard card stock folded with full photo border

The inside is blank which makes it suitable for any occasion 

Envelope is included

 Dinwoody tradition rock art is known for its distinctive figures pecked into the rock surface

These include large human or human-like figures with headdresses whose torsos are often decorated with patterns of lines

Nighttime photo of petroglyphs at Legend Rock

At Legend Rock Petroglyph site, visitors step back in time to A.D. 500-1700

Well-preserved prehistoric and American Indian etchings of animals and humans are located along Cottonwood Creek

Legend Rock is located 29 miles northwest of Thermopolis Wyoming



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