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" Pronghorn South Of Laramie "

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" Pronghorn South Of Laramie "

Photographer: Susan Davis

Herd of Pronghorn running South of Laramie Wyoming

Photo has been digitally enhanced to make it look like snow surrounds the herd

Pronghorn are not antelope, but more unique, having only a North American fossil record. They are more closely related to giraffes than true antelope, cattle, sheep or goats. Pronghorn are a truly fascinating creature and essentially are a Pleistocene relic

Varieties of this photograph include:

38" long x 13" high print printed with pigment ink on metallic paper

30" long x 9.5" high print printed with pigment ink on Arctic Polar Luster paper

On foam board and in plastic sleeve for protection.  Ready for a frame

Panoramic Greeting Card blank card with envelope. Perfect to send to friends or family and nice enough to be framed

Bookmark printed on metallic paper and laminated with a ribbon added. 7" long x 2"wide

Please note photograph was taken by the artist, but there could be a slight variation between each piece