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RJG-330 Ryan Goeken

" Paintbrush Quartet " Watercolor Painting

" Paintbrush Quartet " Watercolor Painting

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" Paintbrush Quartet " Print

Artist: Ryan Goeken

4 Species of Indian Paintbrush found in Wyoming along with other Wyoming wildflowers and sagebrush

Choose From:

Original Framed Watercolor Painting

11" long x 14" high original watercolor painting

Matted in a white matting

Framed in a solid walnut frame

D-ring and wire on the back of frame for hanging the artwork

16" long x 20" high x .75" wide as framed



11" long x 14" high Giclee print

8" long x 10" high Giclee print

Inside a plastic sleeve with cardboard backing for added protection

Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the artist, attached to the back

Ready for a frame

From the artist:

Wyoming is home to 16 species of paintbrush flowers, ranging in color from purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, and white (Wyoming paintbrush being the state flower). This bouquet includes 4 of those species - giant red, Wyoming, yellow, and sulphur (from top to bottom). These 4 species can be found in the Laramie Range and Snowy Range near Laramie. Paintbrush are hemiparasites, receiving a portion of their nutrients from other plants. Some of these plants are included in this painting, including sagebrush and buffalograss, along with mountain bluebells, which are often found growing in the shadow of sagebrush. Therefore, this painting serves as not only a beautiful bouquet, but a representation of the unique ecosystems of southeastern Wyoming.



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