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" Night Watch " Framed Owl Watercolor Painting

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" Night Watch " Framed Owl Watercolor Painting

Artist: Wanda Sanders

Original Framed Watercolor

Owl sitting in a tree with a night sky behind

Decorative watercolor boarder as part of the painting

20" long x 23" high in a sleek black frame

Wire on the back for secure hanging

From the artist:

For 8 years I was lucky enough to be a caregiver and educator for the Wyoming Children’s Museum’s great horn owl, Hissy.   Many was the time when I would fist Hissy and we would go to a local school for educational programs, or a walk around the park.  Hissy spent an autumn and winter with my family and I while the museum had construction done.  I found it interesting that just like clockwork she would hoot within 20 minutes of midnight!  I grew to love that bird and I always think of Hissy when I see an owl

Please note the picture was painted by the artist