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" The Donkey That Never Brayed " Book

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" The Donkey That Never Brayed " Book

Book #11 from the Rusty the Ranch Horse series

Author : Mary Fichtner with Illustrations by Roz Fichtner

Children's book

9" Wide x 9" Tall

Hardcover book

Talk Less, Say More

A donkey's bray is a fun and happy sound. It always gets attention and is used to communicate so many things. But can a donkey communicate without braying? Can any of us talk without using sounds? What can you learn from Delgado the Donkey? Learn some Spanish words as you read along and see if you can understand how he communicates without his bray; how to live by the Cowboy Code? Talk Less, Say More!

Great for the Cowgirl and Cowboy in all of us

Signed by the author

The author shares some insight into the Rusty book series.  https://youtu.be/Zw3B6k8vXoY

Please note, this book is written and illustrated by the Artists