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" Rusty's Cowboy " Book

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 " Rusty's Cowboy " Book

Book #6 in the Rusty the Ranch Horse Series

Author : Mary Fichtner and Illustrated by Roz Fichtner

Children's Book

9" wide x 9" tall 

Hardcover Book

Illustrated Children's Book with Horse Pictures and a Western Theme

Learn about Cowboys and their Ways!

Cowboys are icons of the American West. They represent a culture of character and faith; a lifestyle that requires courage. Their equipment and garb are unique and purposeful. As you read about Rusty's Cowboy you will embrace the code of the west and learn why the world needs more cowboys!

Great for Cowboys and Cowgirls of all ages 

Signed by the author

Video by the author: https://youtu.be/Zw3B6k8vXoY


Please note this book is written and illustrated by the artists