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Olive Wood / White Tongs With Organic Root Bowl

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Olive Wood / White Tongs With Organic Root Bowl

Wood Artist: Marcy Knotwell

Hand-carved by artisans, this organic wooden bowl is truly unique with its natural root structures and olive wood salad servers that were artistically crafted with resin art.
There's no end to the uses you'll find with this rustic, versatile set. The bowl was crafted with care from the discarded root balls of Fir trees, which makes each one truly one-of-a-kind with unique cracks, and color variations. They're absolutely stunning in any space as part of your accent décor.

Adding a little excitement to the set is this beautiful set of wooden salad hands. The exotic salad utensils were artistically crafted with gorgeous Eco-friendly resins on the handles. A true show stopper, the rich colors, and distinctive art perfectly completes the set.

* Bowl is ~3 to 5 IN. tall and ~ 9 -11 IN. long (measurements vary due to the root patterns) and serves 1-2 people
* Salad servers are ~6” long and hand painted in a smokey pink and white Eco-friendly resin epoxy
* Made from reclaimed fir root balls with an easy care food-safe natural finish
* Each one-of-a-kind set features gorgeous wood grain and colors
* Great for a wide variety of serving and decorative uses
* Eco-Friendly Resin Epoxy; Food-Safe

Care Instructions:
* Gently hand wash and towel dry – not dishwasher safe
* Do not leave soaking in water.
* Do not expose the resin art to heat greater than 350F.
* Resin is scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof.
* Periodically treat wood with food-grade oil (i.e., mineral oil)

Please note, each piece  is custom designed by the Artist , with a slight variation between each piece