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GM-280 Ginnie Madsen

" Sun Spot" Kitty Shadows Relief Print

" Sun Spot" Kitty Shadows Relief Print

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 " Sun Spot" Kitty Shadows Relief Print

Artist: Ginny Madsen

Cats like to pick out the sunny spot in the house. 

  At my house there are the sun spots on the floor and

there is the another sunny bright spot in the window,

the stained glass.

Size : 14" x 11" matted

Mat is white color

Relief size: 9" x 6"

Print 2/ 10

From the Artist:

"These works are creased using a traditional relief block printing method. I carve my design into the block's surface, one block for each color or I may a subtractive method using a single block. Each color is them inked and printed separately to develop the completed image. Each image is printed by hand using a press. Editions often limited to 6-10 copies. My imagery  usually develops from my observations of the laces and things I see."



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