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Baguette / Salami Walnut Board Teal Gold

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Baguette / Salami Walnut Board Teal Gold

Wood Artist: Marcy Knotwell

This large sized resin cutting board is a perfect accent piece for your home that
offers both function and style. Made from Walnut that was hand
painted with resin making it a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind and original. Versatility in
uses, it is easy to picture the board styled with cheeses for your charcuterie boards,
as a centerpiece in your dining room styled candles, or hanging on a wall as part of a
gallery wall.
Product Features & Care:
* Dimensions: 18.5X 8 X.75 IN
* 100% Walnut wood
* Treated with organic mineral oil and beeswax
* Handcrafted with eco-friendly food-safe resin epoxy
* We recommend you treat with food-safe oil as needed to maintain and prevent
* Resin is scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof
* Not dishwasher safe. Do not leave soaking in water.
* Do not expose to heat > 350F


Please note, each piece is custom designed by the Artist , with a slight variation between each piece