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"The Heart Of A Cowgirl" Book

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"The Heart Of A Cowgirl" Book

Book #10 from A Rusty's Reading Remuda Tale series

Author : Mary Fichtner with Illustrations by Roz Fichtner

Children's book

9" Wide x 9" Tall

Hardcover book

Join in the spirit of the Cowgirl through the beautiful poetry and artwork of this book

Cowgirl is a spirit; an attitude. The choice of a life lived with courage, conviction, faith and intention. Cowgirls wish on stars and dandelions then get to work to make them happen. They trust that all things work together for the good of all. As you read about the cowgirl may the words encourage you to keep saddling up and roping your dreams!

Great for the Cowgirl and Cowboy in all of us

Signed by the author

Please note, this book is written and illustrated by the Artists