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" American Longbow " Wood Longbow

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" American Longbow " Wood Longbow

Artist: Lester Dumm

American Longbow

Laminated hardwood: Hickory, Black Walnut, Curly Birch, Maple

66", 42#@28"

No fiberglass

68" long x 2 1/2" high x 2" wide

Super pretty and excellent shooter

Yellow and brown, Dacron, Flemish twistbow string

From the artist:

I started shooting the traditional longbow back in the 50’s. I was about 10 years old when my Dad gave me my first longbow. I did not know I would be in for a lifetime of archery madness. My first real introduction to the English Longbow when I was stationed in England for the Air Force, in the early 80’s. I had a bow made for me by a gentleman who was a Master “Bowyer”. I still have both those bows. I started to build bows for boys when working on a ranch in Northern Wyoming. I really enjoy working a wood stave down. I was told that all you had to do was keep carving until you find the bow inside.
So, my longbows are made with a lifetime of experience in shooting and making longbows. My bows are made using trees with a long growth ring. There is no fiberglass or plastic. Most of the bows on the market are “sandwiched” between fiberglass laminations. The fiberglass lamination process has been around for many years and the fiberglass does most of the work in the bow limbs. Compared to all wood bows, wood is warmer in the hand. It has less “shock”, what we call “dead in the hand” feel. I create my bows from time proven bow wood, like hickory, maple, Osage orange, Yew, and Ash. I build bows from two methods, laminations and staves cut right from the tree. This is a very time-consuming process, and depending on the customer, the bow is custom made to length and poundage considering the type of shooting the customer is going to do. The style of longbow is taken into consideration in an English style or traditional American style. Some bows will also reflect the American Indian culture.
Shooting an all-wood bow is a slower, more methodical approach to the draw and release of the arrow. There are many on-line videos on how to shoot a longbow. The method I use is the “Howard Hill” method. Wood bows are not meant to be drawn and held at full draw for any length of time. They are a fast-shooting bow (draw and release), and mostly used under hunting conditions. Most wood bows take a “set” to the limbs and become “sweeter” to shoot over time. They become part of the owner’s style of shooting.