Megan Baker - Essential Oil Candles in upcycled, local brewery beer ca – Works of Wyoming

Megan Baker - Essential Oil Candles in upcycled, local brewery beer cans

Artist Statement:

Mountain Brewed Candles is a woman owned Laramie-based company that was developed out of a love for three things: beer, candles, and recycling!

Established in 2022, Mountain Brewed Candles was born out of my love for these three passions and a heavy dose of creativity. My candles are home “brewed” in Wyoming and crafted out of organic soy wax and a variety of pet-friendly essential oils.

Mountain Brewed Candles has recently been attending the local Laramie Farmers Market where the candles seem to be a huge hit. The product has drawn beer and
candle lovers alike and the community has loved the idea of a uniquely recycled product that they can enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

With our commitment to creating quality products out of environmentally-friendly materials and great smelling scents, we know that you will find the perfect candle for you and your family. Cheers!


Artist Bio:

My name is Megan Baker and I am a Laramie-based artist who takes a unique approach to
candle making by repurposing beer cans into organic soy wax candles.

The product was born out of a commitment to recycling, a love for candles, and Saturday nights enjoying craft beers with friends.

I am committed to the creativity of the art, as each can and scent combination are
combined to create one of a kind products that allow people to discover the candle that is
uniquely theirs.