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Olive Wood And Resin Spoon Rest

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Olive Wood And Resin Spoon Rest

Artist: Marcy Knotwell

Brown, Blue and White with Liquid Gold resin lacing

This stunning rich grained olive wood set was crafted from an olive tree,
sacred and known for its longevity - growing for hundreds of years.
Complimentary in design, we added an artistic element with state-of-the-art
food-safe resin to showcase in the kitchen with style and sophistication. This
set was hand painted by the artist herself and is a true one of a kind gift set;
meaning there is no other like it in the world.

Product Features:
- Olive Wood, Original Resin Artwork
- Dimensions: 12.5" X 2.75" X 0.5" (all measurements are approximate
given their handcrafted nature)
- Premium edge grain hardwood selected for durability, beauty, and
- Tested and state-of-the-art resin formula is scratch and heat-resistant
- 100% food-safe materials are used on all of our items
- Handmade in Wyoming by a husband & wife team

All materials are food-safe and extremely durable, but you should avoid
heavy handling of sharp, serrated utensils. Never soak your board in water,
or run through the dishwasher. With a soft cloth and a gentle detergent,
clean with warm water. Wipe dry immediately. Condition your board
regularly with food-safe wood wax.

Spoon rest and spoon included