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Silver Hammered Teal Resin Bowl

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Silver Hammered Teal Resin Bowl

Wood Artist: Marcy Knotwell

Hammered Aluminum and Resin Serving Bowl, Valet Dish, or Centerpiece - this piece was hand patient by the artist herself for an artistic touch to this lovely and useful piece. A beautiful addition to any table to serve variety of signature
entrees and sides. Can also be used as a valet tray, vanity, or a holiday centerpiece.

Moreover, its subtly reflective aluminum surface and glossy resin art will capture your area lighting just right, setting the tone for an experience to remember.

Features & Care
* Round 12”in Diameter
* Decorative Bowl, Salad Bowl, Serving Bowl
* Material: Aluminum & Eco-Friendly Epoxy Resin
* Food Safe
* Care Instruction: Hand wash only; not dishwasher/oven safe
* Color: Silver, Blue, and Green
* Do not expose the resin art to heat greater than 350F
* Resin is scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof

Please note, each piece  is custom designed by the Artist , with a slight variation between each piece