Jewelry – Works of Wyoming Gift n Gallery

Jewelry Collection

Inspired by the Wyoming Lifestyle, these artists utilize different techniques and medias.

Leslie uses fused glass in the UWYO Cowboy colors of brown and gold and for variation, blue and pink sporting the bucking horse or Steamboat.

Jackie uses components of bullet casings, antler slices, concrete, copper plated clay, stones from Glendo Reservoir.

Teresa creates angel designs and utilizes various component to bring her vision to life

Three Wire wrapping / weaving Artists:

Janice White: hikes, finds and digs her own rocks. Then cuts and polished them. She uses a very simplistic design to allow the natural beauty of the stone to shine through.

Lindsey Griffin also hikes, finds and digs her own rocks and crystals. They are then cut and polished and set into very simple or very detailed wire weaving, each a unique work of art.

Terry Kreuzer repurposes vintage, embossed silver plated serving trays for the focals of her earrings. They are then accented with a variety of small stones, ie turquoise, coral, and more for a wide variety of color and design.