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Ginny Kilander - Paper Marbling Jewelry and Stationery

Ginny Kilander - Paper Marbling Gifts

Artist Statement

Since the mid-1990s I have been exploring the modern applications of marbling on paper.

  Marbling is a historic technique of floating paints on a thickened liquid, then manipulating those colors on the surface with tools such as rakes, combs, or a stylus, and transferring the design to paper or cloth by making a contact print. 

I have marbled commercial and handmade papers, coffee filters, wood objects, and cotton and silk fabrics, among other items.

My decorated paper study has included Turkish marbling, Japanese marbling (suminagashi), and European paste papers. 

In addition to learning historic patterns, I enjoy exploring motion and movement within my work.  I also explore  mixed media decorative techniques.

Artist Bio

Originally from the Midwest, Ginny moved to Wyoming for graduate school, and ended up making the state her home.

She lives in Laramie with her husband, and beagle, Mina. 

She runs Marbled Dragonfly Arts LLC, which allows her to dabble and explore many aspects of book arts and fiber arts.


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