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Ashley Quick - Printmaker


Artist Statement

I depict human relationships with the environment, nature, and home using primarily printmaking
and illustration. My work evokes celebration, joy, and the grit of rural America as well as issues of
class and geographic isolation. I draw inspiration and imagery from the natural world and enjoy
confronting our perceived separation from it, to create work that dissolves this boundary and places
humans firmly within the larger ecological community.
More recently I use sculptural methods and public art to connect with the folklore and iconography
of an individual ecosystem or community. I’m particularly drawn to methods that allow for the
creation of multiples such as printmaking and laser cutting. This allows me to play with patterns and
repetition, making each iteration more experimental and playful.

Artist Bio

Ashley Quick is a visual artist based in the mountain west, currently pursuing her graduate degree in

Environment and Natural Resources. Her graphic and often illustrative work represents personal
experience and place-based reflections on nature in mediums such as printmaking, illustration, and
more recently sculpture. She shows regularly in Wyoming and Colorado, and has been featured in
shows across the country.
Ashley currently works out of a home studio as well as a community makers space called The
Wyrkshop in Laramie, Wyoming. In addition to her active studio practice, Ashley has taught
printmaking and fiber art workshops since 2015. Many have been taught independently, but she has
also collaborated with organizations such as the Denver Art Museum, Denver Public Library, and
the Laramie Public Art Coalition. In 2021 she was selected by the Laramie Public Art Coalition to
create a mural for the remodeled Parks and Recreation building, a piece which is now finished and
installed for public enjoyment.